...curiosities from the natural world
— Vogue UK

Based on Fine Art

Seen in Vogue UK, Wallpaper*, Art Collector, Homes & Garden

Shown at Sotheby's London, Victoria & Albert Museum, S&G Arte Contemporanea, Design Miami

Just a pleasure to wear
— Kelly's mom's friend


Our Story

One day, artist Kelly McCallum wore a t-shirt with a picture of her flamingo sculpture printed on it. Her friends loved it and wanted to make more. They wanted it to look flattering and be ethically made so Avant Habit was born....

Limited Editions

We’ve put together limited editions of original designs by fine artists, suitable for unlimited occasions.

Each Avant Habit edition has a marking that indicates when it was produced by our local partner.


All of our clothing is certified organic cotton and originates in Fair Labor certified factories.

To prevent textile waste, we produce in small batches. We dispatch designs that we already carry in-house and offer others for pre-order.