Kelly McCallum

Kelly is an artist, jeweller, designer and maker based in London and in Portugal. Her work is influenced by both story-telling and natural history, employing Victorian taxidermy as well as insects, precious metals, and other found objects, culminating in artworks that are disturbingly beautiful.

Her work has been shown around the world, in the UK, Canada, US, France, Netherlands, Korea, Switzerland, Russia and Poland, including group shows at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Sotheby’s London, S&G Arte Contemporanea and Design Miami. She trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Royal College of Art.

You can follow Kelly on Instagram @kelly_mccallum

Serene Walker

Serene Walker was born and raised in Singapore, studied management in Aberdeen, Scotland and presently lives in South London, England. With a professional background managing commercial design content for established global brands, Serene is a self described unfiltered pacifist experimenting with graphite, ink and collage striving to mediate an equilibrium between order and chaos.

Beginning at 15 years old, designs would seemingly emerge from unknown origins, where she captured snapshots of the everyday and rephrased them into balanced and multi-nuanced patterns. Urban exploration and design have each formed consistent threads in her life and through a journey of experiences and methodical practices has emerged a compelling collection of abstract yet intriguing Neo Gothic designs with Bauhaus and Art Déco influences.

You can follow Serene on Instagram @serene_walker